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Shuichi Amano founded AMANO in 1931 as a manufacturer of time recorders in Japan. Since its establishment under the "Time and People" and "Time and the Environment" concepts, AMANO has pursued customer satisfaction in all of its business fields with a customer-priority principle, a policy facilitated by the efforts of all employees to listen to and respond to the needs of our customers.

Overseas Group Companies

Amano maintains a strong global presence built on diverse product lines and a strong reputation of quality and reliability.


We started our business operations in April 2015 as the sales and service provide company to cover the Philippine market with support from AMANO Corporation in Japan. For the past, over 80 years we have been engaged in business specific to the Philippines through our dealer specialized in Time Clock. Now we are providing complete AMANO products such as Dust Collector, Mist Collector, Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, Auto Scrubber, Parking System, Barrier Gate, and Access Control System that accommodates the special nature of local demand and so gives rise to customer satisfaction.

Amano Time & Air Singapore Pte Ltd
-Philippine Branch
Unit 706 Park Trade Center 1716 Investment Drive Madrigal Business Park Ayala Alabang Muntinlupa City Metro Manila
Tel:02-8831-8794 Fax:02-8832-1276
Email: amanoph@amano.com.ph

AMANO products

Dust Collector

Mist Collector


Auto Scrubber

Barrier Gate

Pay Parking System

Time Clock


Corporate Motto "Don, Kon, Un"

DON KON UN … these are the words Mr. Amano had in mind when founding Amano Corporation (Japan) in 1931. DON stands for doing the right thing, it implies honesty, brightness and respect. KON means patience and dedication; seeking for continuous improvement. UN stands for success; and only comes to those who live by the DON and KUN values. By sticking to these, Amano has been able to gradually increase its activities and business reach through the years.



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