DB-Series – Industrial Spark Trap –

The factory required a simple and cost-effective method of reducing sparks from buffing, grinding, drilling, welding, and cutting works to protect the fire from the existing dust collectors. Many dust collectors have caught on fire over the years due to the absence method to stop the sparks. Many times, protection was left off due to cost or lack of attention. DB series stop sparks that cause a fire of dust collector. AMANO's unique method keeps an extremely low chance to enter spark to the dust collector. There are no moving parts or consumable parts, and It keeps on the fire extinguishing effect.

DB 101315

Extinguish the fire centrifugal separator

  • Prevent fire from dust collector
  • Reduce entering fire inside dust collector.
  • Prevents sparks that may cause fire accident.

Sample Installation

DB series installation01

Internal Structure

DB internal structure

External View


DB Size


Particular Unit DB-10 DB-20 DB-30 DB-40
Applicable Airflow m³/min 10 20 30 40
Minimum Airflow m³/min 3.5 7.0 11.0 15.0
Pressure loss Pa 490@7.5m³/min 490@15m³/min 539@22.5m³/min 588@30m³/min
Inlet Port Ø mm 127 150 200 250
Outlet Port Ø mm 123 148 198 248
Dimension(W x D x H) mm 465 x 309 x 643 550 x 406 x 934 700 x 497 x 1149 850 x 590 x 1368
Weight kg 25 approx. 45 approx. 60 approx. 80 approx.
Applicable Models VNA-15/PiF-15 VNA-30/PiF-30 VNA-45/PiF-45 VNA-60/PiF-60