Dust Collector for your work – Crushing machine, Melting Furnaces and others

Large-Scale and Special Dust Collector
Single/Multiple Suction
Airflow:~ 1000m3/min 


WRT Series
~ 1055m3/min

SNP Series
 ~ 450m3/min

Medium and High Pressure Dust Collector
Single/Multiple Suction
Airflow:~ 90m3/min 


BV Series
~ 35m3/min

PPC Series
 ~ 75m3/min

CT Series
~ 90m3/min

General Dry Dust
Single/Multiple Suction
Airflow: ~ 300m3/min

VNA Seriesvna-302-210210 50x5012 ~ 55m3/min

PiF SeriesPiF-101315 50x 5018 ~ 60m3/min

PiE SeriesPiE-75-120-150 210x210 (1) 50x5090 ~ 300m3/min

Heavy Dust and Chip
Single/Multiple Suction
Airflow: ~ 28m3/min


Mi/Mi-H Series
11 ~ 28m3/min

Potentially Explosive Dust
Single/Multiple Suction
Airflow:  ~ 150m3/min

VNA-SDN SeriesVNA-SDN-50x5025 ~ 55m3/min

PiE-SDN SeriesPiE-SDN-50x5025 ~ 150m3/min

Fumes, Dust with Spark
Single/Multiple Suction
Airflow: ~ 45m3/min 



FCN SeriesFCN-50x5018 ~ 45m3/min