Foundry Plant

WRT Series
High airflow dust collector

  • A wide variety of filter types available for a wide range of applications.
  • The best-selling high airflow dust collector.
  • Equipped with airflow regulation mechanism.

suitable for dust characteristics

  • We offer filters with excellent collection performance and durability.
  • Filters are selected according to the customer's application.
  • There are various types of filters and we can suggest filter materials, shapes, and areas.

Pneumatic conveyor system

  • Dust collection by pneumatic conveying reduces dust dispersion.
  • The dust is automatically collected centrally in one place.
  • No dust is generated, contributing to environmental improvement and labor-cost saving.

Nonflammable fime particle supplier

  • The particle supply machine is automatically supplied powder to the duct and dust collectors.
  • It will for reducing the risk of spark or fire reaching to filter and getting fire.
  • Automatic supply of auxiliary agents for fire prevention and filter protection.

Ring Hood

  • Design a hood that suits each customer.
  • Damper and inverter control of air volume according to material input, melting, and hot water discharge.
  • It is an energy-saving design.

Movable Hood

  • Realizes overwhelming dust collection effect compared to dust collection from the side.
  • This improves work efficiency when replacing formwork.

Chamber box

  • Reduces the risk of fire by preventing fire sparks from entering the dust collector.

Deodorize and Silencer

  • It uses activated carbon to absorb and deodorize odors. In addition, it also serves as a sound absorber.