FPV-2S -All-stainless steel body small-size high-pressure dust collector-

This High pressure, small, and portable Sanitary Dust Collector unit provides dust extraction from bag dump stations, powder filling stations, and other dust spillage areas. It is used in conjunction with a high power blower and filter box uniquely designed.

Molded filter

Resin filter

Pulse jet

Fine powder

Max. airflow


High pressure, small and portable Sanitary Dust Collector 

  • Small and powerful
  • Compact yet powerful with a static pressure of 20 kPa
  • Can be washed with water! Easy to clean
  • The inside of the filter box and the resin filter can be washed with water.

High pressure, samll and portable Sanitary Dust Collector 

Material: High molecular weight polyethylene
Surface treatment: Polyethylene sintering
Corresponding models: IXIXRFPVFP-N and FPV-2S
Application: Toner fine powder (particle size 10μm or less)


  • For fine powders such as toner.
  • Water-washable
  • Collecting efficiency: Very Good, Particle size 10μm or less
  • Heat resistant temperature (F): Normal temperature 40˚C (104˚)
  • Dust removal: Pulse jet


Material: Polyester
Surface treatment: –
Corresponding models: FPV-2S
Application: General dried particles (particle diameter about 10μm)


Various filter are available

  • The inside of the filter box and the resin filter can be washed with water.

  • Cleaning work is easy because the filter box can be separated easily by removing the catch clip.Sanitary to prevent powder accumulation

20kPa powerful blower

  • Strong suction force with a maximum static pressure of -20kPa (three-phase 200V).

  • Suction control manual 6 steps. External 16 speed. ・

  • By incorporating a line filter in the blower box, contamination of the blower inside due to improper mounting of the dust collection filter is prevented. An exhaust HE PA BOX can be installed as an option.



Stick filling, tableting, tablet counting, capsule filling Process


FPV-2S Filter Unit
Power supply unit 3-phase 50/60Hz common use
Filter Area m2 1.07
Filter Quantity 9
Filter Shape Molded cartridge
Dust removal Manual pulse jet
Bucket capacity L 14
Suction port diameter IDF standard ferrule 2S
Exhaust diameter IDF standard ferrule 2S
W×D×H mm 550×514×892
Material surface treatment SUS304 equiv. inner/outersurface buff#400
FPV-2S Blower Unit
Power supply unit 3-phase 50/60Hz common use
Output kW 1
Blower motor Brushless blower motor
Max. airflow m 3 /min 2.7±0.3
Max. static pressure kPa 20.0±3.0
Filter Area m 2 0.67
Filter Quantity pcs 1
Filter Shape Molded cartridge
Filter Material Polyester Spunbond
Dust removal Manual shaking type
Bucket capacity L 2.2
Recommended breakers A 10
Power cord m 2.8 (4-core, without plug)
Dimensions W×D×H mm 395×342×591
Weight kg
Material Exterior and coupling section are SUS304