IX/IP/IB Series – Powder Recovery System –

IXIPIB 101315

When sucking ultra-fine powder such as toner with a conventional recovery machine or vacuum cleaner, it is unavoidable that the filtration performance is insufficient, the powder is blown out, and foreign matter is mixed into the recovered powder. The IX series solves these problems by incorporating a new resin filter and a swirling flow separation mechanism. High collection performance can be obtained because the pore size of the filter is several μm. Since the filter medium uses an element without a surface treatment layer, which is a special single-layer sintered single-material plastic, impurities are not mixed into the recovered product (powder).


IP Series

Molded filter

Pulse Jet Type

General dry dust

Max. airflow

IX Series

Resin filter

Pulse Jet Type

Fine Powder

Max. airflow


Fine powder recovery machine from general powder to toner

  • Handles ranging from common powder to toner.
  • Layout-free model has a separate filter and blower unit.
  • Pevention of contamination of powder collection
  • Since the filter unit and blower unit are separated, the installation layout is flexible
  • No leakage of collected powder
  • Equipped with a shatterproof mechanism when discharging powder
  • Can be operated continuously for 24 hours



Resin filter

Material: High molecular weight polyethylene
Surface treatment: Polyethylene sintering
Corresponding models: IXIXRFPVFP-N and FPV-2S
Application: Toner fine powder (particle size 10μm or less)

Various type of filter are available

A reliable pulse jet system

A pulse jet method using compressed air is used to remove the powder adhering to the filter surface. It allows the recovery machine to operate continuously.

High collection efficiency

Long-lasting filter due to the built-in swirl flow type separator

The sucked air swirls along the inner surface of the cylindrical body, and only the air with a low powder concentration inside passes through the filter. The powder on the outside where the powder concentration is high goes directly into the bucket. It also significantly reduces filter wear.

Easy filter replacement

The filter replacement work can be easily done by simply opening the upper part of the main body. The new resin filter used in the IX series has a lifespan of 3 to 5 times (compared to our company) compared to conventional filter media, which greatly reduces maintenance man-hours.

“Anti-Explosion Dust Collector Type” for recover powders that have a high risk of explosion

IP-D Filter Unit

IB-D Blower Unit

Anti-Electrostatic Filter

Explosion pressure diffusion port

Explosion isolation check valve

Fire extinguishing port

IB-D blower unit has a structure that is less likely to cause a dust explosion due to a dust explosion-proof motor and a dust-proof electrical box.

A control panel that is easy to operate and maintains optimum operating conditions.

Equipped with a new recovery powder scattering prevention mechanism

We consider the health of workers and the hygiene of the working environment are very important. When the recovered powder is discharged, the blower is operated at an ultra-low speed by inverter control to prevent the powder from scattering to the surroundings.
* This mechanism is not built with IB-D series.

Sample combination of Filter unit and Blower Unit

Sample combination one blower and multiple filter unit

Filter Units

IXP Series

  • Resin filter
  • Equipped with a resin filter for fine powder. For collecting fine powder such as toner.

IP Series

  • Standard filter
  • Equipped with a standard filter. For collecting general powder.

IX-D Series

  • Antistatic resin filter
  • Explosion pressure diffusion port
  • For recovery of explosive flammable fine powder such as toner.

IP-D Series

  • Antistatic filter
  • Explosion pressure diffusion port
  • For recovery of explosive flammable general powder.

Blower Units

IB Series

Energy-saving blower equipped with an inverter. mechanism.

IB-D Series

Equipped with a dust explosion-proof motor.


Filter units

Blower units


Particular Unit IP-3 IP-3D IX-3
Power Supply Volt 220 220 220
Frequency Hz 60 60 60
Max. Static Pressure kPa 5.39 6.08 6.37
Filter Area 3.5 3.5 3.2
Suction Port Ø mm 50.8 50.8 50.8
Dimension (WxDxH) mm 653x658x1409 881x658x1537 651x654x1568
Weight kg 65 83 65
Particular Unit IX-3D IP-5 IP-5D
Power Supply Volt 220 220 220
Frequency Hz 60 60 60
Max. Static Pressure kPa 5.88 5.88 5.88
Filter Area 3.2 4.7 4.7
Suction Port Ø mm 50.8 63.5 63.5
Dimension (WxDxH) mm 879x654x1696 653x658x1609 881x658x1737
Weight kg 83 70 88
Particular Unit IB-3 IB-4 IB-5
Power Supply Volt 220 220 220
Frequency Hz 60 60 60
Phase 3P 3P 3P
Output kw/hp 1.5/2 3.7/4 5.5/7.3
Max Airflow m³/min 3 5 6
Max. Static Pressure kPa 13 23.5 27
Suction Port Ø mm 76.3 76.3 76.3
Dimension (WxDxH) mm 700x500x608 700x500x850 700x500x850
Weight kg 90 130 155
Particular Unit IB-3D IB-5D
Power Supply Volt 220 220
Frequency Hz 60 60
Phase 3P 3P
Output kw/hp 2.2/3 5.5/7.3
Max Airflow m³/min 5 5
Max. Static Pressure kPa 12 22
Suction Port Ø mm 76.3 76.3
Dimension (WxDxH) mm 600x430x776 750x520x866
Weight kg 105 187

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