Metal Working Plant

1-EM-eII Seris 210X210EM-eII Series 
Electrostatic Mist Collectors

  • Electronic trapping method keeps filter costs at zero
  • Zero Filter waste and No Filter To Clog
  • High efficiency greater than 99%
  • For oli/water soluble mist collection

2-V-sigma 210x210V-Σ Series
Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

  • "Proven Bestseller".
  • Light weight and compact design.
  • Energy saving and noise suppressed design.
  • Serves as a suction force for central cleaning system.


3-MJ 210x210MJ Series
Filter Less Mist Collector

  • No filter replacement needed.
  • Cyclone and trapping disk provide long term suction
  • One drain port large diameter.
  • Cyclone separates out dust and cutting chips

4-PIF 210210PiF Series
Pulse Jet Type Dust Collector

  • Energy and Space Saving Pulse Jet Type Dust Collector
  • Auto Pulse Jet Dust removal
  • 24/7 Operation
  • Comes with inverter that automatically adjust the speed and longer filter life.

5-WRT0808_210x210WRT Series
High airflow dust collector

  • A wide variety of filter types available for a wide range of applications.
  • The best-selling high airflow dust collector.
  • Equipped with airflow regulation mechanism.

6-FD-10 210X210FD-10
Fire prevention fume collector

  • Function to prevent sparks-sputter 
  • Duct can be freely moved in a radius of 1.7 m.
  • Reliably collect dust at the optimum position.
  • Move freely to work place 

CT Series
High-pressure dust collector

  • Used for pneumatic conveyance and central cleaning.
  • High-pressure design (up to 30 kPa).
  • It can be used for long-distance dust collection, central cleaning, and particle recovery.

8-HF 210x210HF Series
Push Pull System

  • Best for welding works 
  • Designed for Welding work, Polishing operation and others
  • HF comes with high level air control for Energy-Saving
  • HF outlet can also be hung on the wall

9-FCN 210210FCN Series
Fire prevention fume collector

  • Have function to prevent sparks-sputter 
  • Have function to absorb heat to sparks and to prevent ignition
  • Sparks and smoke sensor (option) 
  • With circle flow separator and heat absorber