MZ Series -Filter type mist collector-

mz series

MZ Sries mist collectors from Amano are effective and efficient mist filtration solutions, providing a more productive work environment by reducing coolant and machining oil mists. MZ Series provides high performance technology and easy, predictable maintenance.

Filter Type

Water soluble oil mist

Max. airflow

Premium efficiency motor



  • Powerful just with a smaller motor in size
  • High capturing efficiency 99.7 %
  • Minimal consumables
  • In a minute filter change, Quick and easy maintenance
  • Use washable filter provide lower maintenance costs.
  • Reduces risk of mist related hazards

Minimum consumables and washable filter

Consumable parts are now just the primary and secondary filters so you can cut down on running costs. The primary and secondary filters can also be washed.

3 Layer Filter System

MZ-10 3 layer filter

Diffusing cone controls the airflow while diffusing air containing mists against the entire area of the primary filter. Sudden reversal of the airflow provides "collision effect," to efficiently separate cutting chips from large spray particles.

Relatively large mist particles in the air are captured at the entire surface of the filter, which has an ideal perforation to provide balanced operation between filter performance and cycles of filter replacement.

Located at the back of the fan, the secondary filter rotates in syc with the fan, filtering and condensing fine mists, followed by centrifugal separation. The collision effect brought by high-speed rotation of the secondary filter is high enough to separate fine mists.

One Handed, One-Minute Replacement of Filters

mZ filter chang 3






1. Release the 2 clamps and open the cover.

2. Remove the diffusing cone unit

3. Remove the primary filter and replace it with a new one.

4. Remove the secondary filter inside the fan section and replace it with a new one.

Internal view


After Filter Option

Install and use the optional after filter when sucking oil mist of highly concentrated water soluble mist.


  •  MACHINE TOOLS - NC, CNC Lathes, General-Purpose Lathes, Machining Centers, NC Mills, Electric Discharge Machine, Thread Grinding Machine, Internal Cylindrical Grinding Machine.

  •  SPRAYING JOBS - Washing, Anti-Corrosion, Oil Film Application, Cooling
  • OTHERS - Oiling Bearings on Large Machines, Drawing die process, Bleeding Pneumatic Cylinders, Lens Chamfering, Lens Polishing, Etc.

NC lathe machine

Machining center

General-purpose lathe machine

Electric discharge machine


Particular Unit MZ-10 MZ-15 MZ-30
Power Supply Volt 220 220 220
Frequency Hz 60 60 60
Phase 3P 3P 3P
Output kw/hp 0.4/0.5 0.75/1.0 1.5/2
Max Airflow m³/min 10 12.5 20
Max. Static Pressure kPa 1.3 1.3 1.75
Suction Port Ø mm 123.0 148.0 198
Dimension (W x H) mm 306x556x450 356x583x460 407x672x575
Weight kg 27 35 60