PiH Series Dust/Fumes collector with deodorizing function

The PiH Series dust collector was developed for laser plotters, laser marking processes, and processes where adhesive fume and odor are generated at the same time. The filter coating powder "ZEO POWER" is laminated on the filter surface using a unique method to sticky dust/fume. The laminated ZEO POWER powder at filter protects the filter from fume and also has the effect of extending the life of the filter. Activated carbon deodorizing units remove unpleasant odors generated by laser plotters, laser marking processes, and others.


Molded filter

Pulse jet



Max. airflow

PiH 101315

It is designed for the collection of Fumes from the lased marking process.

  • Uses filter coating powder "Zeopower"
  • No need for compressed air. The special filter coating powder "Zeopower" supplied to filter by compressed air.
  • Adhesive fume generated by resin processing is collected by "Zeopower"
  • Activated carbon deodorizing units remove unpleasant odors generated by laser plotters, laser marking processes, and others.
  • Max. Airflow 26m³/min

Molded cartridge filter

Material: Polyester
Surface treatment: –
Corresponding models: PiEFCNMi and PiH
Application: General dried particles (particle diameter about 10μm)


  • For dust having a particle diameter of about 10μm.
  • Collecting efficiency: Good, Particle diameter about 10μm
  • Heat resistant temperature (F): Normal temperature 40˚C (104˚)
  • Dust removal: Pulse jet

Various type of filter are available

Activated carbon unit

It strongly absorbs and collects foul odors and harmful gases generated by the laser process.

Zeopower powder soaring mechanism

It is automatically coated on the filter surface with compressed air.

Jet amp filter

Amano's original filter with a built-in jet amplifier that amplifies the pulse jet effect. The filter can be easily replaced without tools.

How does it work fumes collection and deodorization

  • ZEOPOWER protect fume from filter
    Fume is highly adherent, it quickly adheres to the filter and causes root clogging.


  • Activated Charcoal absorbs bad small such as harmful gas and odor 
    Activated Charcoal Have characteristics to collect bad small


  • Amano Jet Amp Molded Cartridge Filter 
    Jet Amp filter doubles the effect of pulse jet
















Unit: mm


pih-installation01 (1)


Particular Unit PiH-30 PiH-60
Power Supply Volt 220 220
Frequency Hz 60 60
Phase 3P 3P
Output kw/hp 1.5/2 3.7/5
Max Airflow m³/min 13.0 26.0
Max. Static Pressure kPa 2.74 2.84
Filter Area 9.0 18.0
Filter Aid (Zeopower) kg 6.0 12.0
Deodorant (A.Carbon) 12kg/1unit Approx.36kg Approx.72kg
Suction Port Ø mm 125 200
Dimension (WxDxH) mm 650x650x2043 1100x700x2198
Weight kg 195 360