SNP Series -Space saving large-scale dust collector-


The new space-saving type pulse jet duct collectors are more compactly designed, yet still maintain the necessary filtration area, making more effective use of limited factory space. A newly developed plate filter allows duct collector size 1/2 smaller than an ordinary dust collector.

Plate filter

Pulse jet

General Dry Dust

Max Filter area


 New Space Saving Pulse Jet Type Medium Pressure Large air volume Dust Collector 

  • Reduce installation space to 1/2.
  • It is a unit structure that can secure the filter area even the installation area is minimum.
  • It is very compactly designed
  • Maintain necessary filter area
  • Newly developed plate filters are lightweight and easy to handle.
  • New pulse jet system is designed to separate the dust from the filter units uniformly.
  • The modular structure makes diverse combinations possible.

Mold cartridge plate filter

Material: Polyester
Surface treatment: –
Corresponding models: SNP
Application: General dried particles (particle diameter about 10μm)


  • For dust having a particle diameter of about 10μm.
  • Collecting efficiency: Good, Particle diameter about 10μm
  • Heat resistant temperature (F): Normal temperature 40˚C (104˚)
  • Dust removal: Pulse jet
  • maintaining the necessary filtration area, the volumetric ratio of this new filter compared with the existing filter 2/3

Dozens of cylindrical filtration

  • This plate filter is comprised of dozens of cylindrical filtration units molded into an integrated plate-shaped structure.
  • With this new plate filter, a cage (retainer) is no longer necessary, since sufficient rigidity is provided by the filter itself, thus realizing lightweight and replacement ease.

Occupies only 1/2 of the space ordinary models

  • Occupies only 1/2 of the space ordinary models. Extraordinary space-saving benefits.
    Thanks to the employment of a newly developed plate filter and modified pulse jet mechanism, we successfully developed these SNP-Serie dust collectors requiring only half the space of existing models enabling more effective use of limited factory space to be achieved.

Model W(mm) L(mm) H(mm) Space Occupancy(m2) Volume (m3) Filtration area(m2)
WRT-9240 3250 4450 10470 14.5 151.5 504
SNP-6H2W 2420 3255 9582 8.3 80.2 540
53% 49%

*Comparison WRT when convened, the filter area of 500m2

New Pulse Jet System

  • By forcing the pulse air through slits, the contact area with surrounding air increases, resulting in a greater volume of surrounding air being forced into the filter units.
  • Thanks to the enhanced rigidity of the filter material and to reduce the chance of deformation, effective dust separation by means of counter-flowing air is also achieved.

  • With the existing system, is not possible to distribute pulse pressure uniformly inside the filter.
  • Dust unavoidably remains in the air in the sections neighboring the venturi tubes

Internal view


Arc welding


Crushing machine


Thermal spraying work


Fusion machine


Sanding /crushing work


Loading raw materials work


Belt conveyor


Melting Furnaces


External view

SNP Series

Model description
Basic unit is expressed by 1HIW. A total of 34 filters are installed inside and provide a total surface area of 45 square meters. Assembling these units horizontally and vertically gives the model type shown at right. Model types combinable as standard
configurations in this catalog are listed.

SNP-M Series



Sample Installation


Model Dimension (Unit:mm) Filter Area No of Filter Weight
W D H m2 pcs kg
NP-2H1W 1150 2182 4708 90 68 1550
SNP-3H1W 1150 2182 5808 135 102 2100
SNP-4H1W 1150 2182 6908 180 136 2500
SNP-2H2W 2300 2182 5031 180 136 3100
SNP-3H2W 2300 2182 6131 270 204 4200
SNP-4H2W 2300 2182 7231 360 272 5100
SNP-5H2W 2300 2344 8331 450 340 6300