SP Series – All-stainless steel body dust collector –


SP series dust collector for pharmaceutical and food factories that focuses on daily cleaning in consideration of hygiene. It can also be used for collecting dust of hygroscopic and adhesive powder.


Manual shaking

General dry dust

Max. airflow

Premium efficiency motor


Easy filter installation and removal by lever operation. Excellent internal cleansing in main unit.

  • All stainless body  dust collector.
  • Hygienic design helps prevent dust /powder from accumulating on the inside.
  • Water washable interior filter box.
  • Water washable filter.
  • Easy to clean inside the body.

Material: Polyester
Surface treatment: –
Corresponding models: SP
Application: General dried particles (particle diameter about 10μm)


  • Can be washed with water
  • For dust having a particle diameter of about 10μm.
  • Collecting efficiency: Good, Particle diameter about 10μm
  • Dust removal: Vibration

SP filter change ph02

Easy to take out filter

Easy to take out filter from dust collector. You can save your time for cleaning work.

SP filter wash ph04

Wash by water

You can easily remove the filter and wash it with water.


Lightweight dust bucket

Dust bucket is lightweight with thin plate by press fabrication. Packing can be easily removed.

sp heap op ph08

HEPA filter (Option)

It can be added HEPA filter. It is capable of collecting 0.3 ㎛ particles with 99.97% Collection rate



Unit:mmSP size


Particular Unit SP-15 SP-30
Power Supply Volt 220 200
Frequency Hz 60 60
Phase 3P 3P
Output kw/hp 0.75/1.0 1.5/2
Max Airflow m³/min 12.0 28.0
Max. Static Pressure kPa 2.45 2.55
Filter Area 4.5 9.0
Suction Port Ø mm 127 150
Dimension (WxDxH) mm 400x650x1207 650x650x1469
Weight kg 92 145
Particular Unit SP-45 SP-60
Power Supply Volt 220 200
Frequency Hz 60 60
Phase 3P 3P
Output kw/hp 2.2/3 3.7/5
Max Airflow m³/min 40.0 55.0
Max. Static Pressure kPa 2.55 2.90
Filter Area 13.5 18.0
Suction Port Ø mm 200 200
Dimension (WxDxH) mm 850x650x1497 1180x650x1660
Weight kg 185 250