TFP Series

Dust contact prevention model

The Bag-In and Bag-Out TFP Series dust collector improves filter replacement and dust discharge maintenance to help minimize worker exposure to potentially harmful dust and reduce exposure to contaminants to the environment.

Molded filter

Pulse jet

General dry dust

Max Filter area



Dust contact prevention model

Dust contact prevention model

  • The bag-in bag-out concept allows replacing filters and discharging dust without touching the dust.
  • Prevent exposure of dust particles and ensure workers safety.
  • You can replace the filter without touching it using the dedicated filter pack.
  • The collected powder is sealed in a liner pack to prevent it from exposing when the powder is discharged.
  • Since dust is no longer exposed, it prevents contamination matter for food and pharmaceutical industries.

Molded cartridge filter

Dust contact prevention model

The pulse jet dust collector for integration and optimization of your factory facilities

Material: Polyester
Surface treatment: –
Corresponding models: TFP
Application: General dried particles (particle diameter about 10μm)


  • For dust having a particle diameter of about 10μm.
  • Collecting efficiency: Good, Particle diameter about 10μm
  • Heat resistant temperature (F): Normal temperature 40˚C (104˚)
  • Dust removal: Pulse jet


Filter replacement

Prevent contact with dust particles while filter replacement

Dust discharge

Prevent scatter of dust particles and ensure worker's safety

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Model Dimension (Unit:mm) Filter Area No of Filter Weight
W D H m2 pcs kg
FP-0201 747 1130 2472 13.5 2 210
-202 1067 1130 2572 27 4 270
-302 1067 1130 2952 40.5 6 320
-303 1387 1130 3222 60.8 9 450
-402 1067 1130 3322 54 8 370
-403 1387 1130 3602 81 12 500