Fully Automated Parking System

By combining state-of-the-art software solutions with revolutionary design, we AMANO strive to keep our global position as market leader in parking management systems. Designed for all markets with both the customer and manager in mind, X-PARC is highly user-friendly while providing superior control and money collection feature.

X-PARC is fully IP enabled and equipped with the most recent electronic payment facilities for customer satisfaction.

Entry/Exit Lane Terminal X-PARC

xlane final 2

Designed for parking control at the entrance and exits of parking facilities ranging from small car parks to large multi-site installations.

The X-Lane provides all functions such as ticket dispensing, ticket verifying and card reading, as required in a car park environment. The lane controller provides a modular hardware and software platform and can be configured to meet any requirements as might be encountered in current car park environment.By standard, advanced barcode technology is used for identification of short term parking tickets as well as season passes.



Automatic Pay Station X-PARC 

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A complete solution for all market segments.

The automatic pay station is designed to provide automated revenue collection to parking facilities equipped with the X-PARC parking management system. The pay-lane can be used in conjunction with the lane controller and cashier stations. It will report revenue and status related information to the pay-lane management computer. Payment of parking fees is facilitated by cash payment in coins and banknotes. In addition, cashless payment by credit cards or national cash card can be provided. By standard, parking tickets are identified by means of an advanced barcode scanner.  

Fee Computer X-PARC

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The XP5620 Fee Computer is a durable, affordable quality Touchscreen POS system with 15" LCD monitor with hard drive and pre-installed Microsoft Windows Software.

This new all-in-one touch computer is visually attractive to both the operator and customer, it guides the user of the cash system in a minimum of time through the parking software program. The combination of the Fee Computer, Validator, Fee Indicator, Cash Drawer and Thermal Receipt Printer gives a total concept for the parking payment activities.

Barrier Gate X-PARC

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Enter a new era of Parking Access Control with the XP1203 barrier gate.

The XP1203 barrier gates are especially developed for use in car parks with high frequency of use. The wear-proof mechanical design allows a speedy, smooth and secure movement. AMANO's XP1203 is suited for heavy-duty situations and will perform up to 10.000 cycles a day. Automatic reverse or stop is selectable in case of contact with an object in the down movement. A microprocessor logic board, in which all features are dipswitch selectable, fully controls the gate. Easy installation is a feature, however even this can be made simpler using the optional foundation frame. 


X-PARC Management System

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The X-PARC Management System transcends mere practical functionality by successfully ensuring that all system configuration and administration necessities are met. Under this umbrella, initial system configuration, as well as day-to-day maintenance of data (i.e customers, tariffs, service contracts, etc.) is covered. The X-PARC Management System follows the web application concept and provides its own HTTP server. As a result, no client software needs to be installed at customers PC's thus drastically reducing the complexity of systems integration.