Car Parking System

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These systems support maintaining a pleasant urban life for people and vehicles via use of parking lots and parking facilities. Amano offers reliable and high quality parking management systems by taking advantage of state-of-the-art technology in its product development, system construction, maintenance, and operation management. Amano will fully support parking lot owners through proposal for making more comfortable and efficient parking lots, improving profitability, and effective utilization of idle land spaces. 

Parking System

Parking Guidance System

Parking Equipment


The APB-1800 Series Barrier Gate is designed to control vehicles in both attended and unattended parking traffic lanes by means of a straight or folding aluminum gate arm.


  • Able to fully lift up a 3 meter arm in 1.2s. This allows smoother and more efficient traffic flow. 
  • Arm will auto-reverse when hitting an obstacle during closing. 
  • When vehicle hit barrier Arm , barrier will swing out to protect vehicle and barrier gate. 

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PD-720N Dual Channel Vehicle Detectors

PD720N Dual Channel vehicle detector senses the change of the loop coil inductance and detects the vehicle. The vehicle detection is able to confirm by LED on the front panel. It built in the programmable presence or pulse outputs.


  • PD720N can control 2 loop coils
  • Stable operation under the heavy environment
  • Easy sensitivity adaptation for the target vehicle type
  • 16 steps sensitivity adaptation.


Loop Coil

Inductive loop coil is an electromagnetic detection system that uses a moving magnet or an alternating current to induce an electric current in a nearby wire. inductive loop coil is used for the detection of vehicle presence indicators.


  • The number of turns is 4 turns
  • Standard size is 2700 x 300mm


Parking Guidance System

The parking area is one of the first contacts Customers will have with any business, whether it’s an Shopping Mall, Office Building, Hospital, Educational Facility, Event Venue or Airport,; AMANO Car Parking Guidance System can make that contact as smooth and convenient as possible.


VGS-US3 210x210

All In One Ultrasonic Sensor & LED

  • Detection Distance: 30cm~3m
  • Electricity: 6㎃(max) (Equal to Green / RED LED)
  • Response Time: 6msec ∼ 22msec
  • Sensing Distance: 0.3m ∼ 3m(±0.3m)


All In One Ultrasonic Sensor & LED

  • Sensor type: Ultrasonic Sensor transmission / reception
  • Marerial: Flame retardant ABS
  • Input voltage: DC24V
  • Marerial: Flame retardant ABS


All In One LPR Camera & LED Light

  • License plate recognition range: MAX 4 cars
  • Photographing element: 1/2.5“ COLOR 5M CMOS
  • Minimum subject illumination: 1.2~1Lux @ F1.2
  • Input voltage: PoE 36~57V DC


All In One LPR Camera & LED Light

  • Omnidirectional camera
  • License plate recognition range:  MAX 6 cars
  • Photographing element: 1/2.3“ COLOR 12.4M CMOS
  • Minimum subject illumination: 0.1Lux @ F1.4(Color)
  • Input voltage: PoE 36~57V DC


VGS-FFS 210x210

Floor Guidance LED Sign Board

  • Zone Sign Board
  • Front: One side LED Module
  • Back: LED Lamp


Main display 210x210

Entrance Main LED Sign Board

  • Display Available Parking Lots
  • Full Sign
  • 128*384 LED Module


VGS-PGS 210x210

Parking Guidance Management Station

  • Parking Guidance Software
  • Monitoring Function
  • Reporting Function
  • intel CORE i7-3770 Processor(3.40GHz, 8MB
  • Memory: 8GB(DDR3 1600 MHz) & Hard Disk: 1TB


VGS-LCU 210x210

Zone Control unit

  • Can be connected MAX 127 VGS-US3 Sensor with LED light
  • Can be connected MAX VGS-BI-LPPNA-A Block indicator unit.
  • Communication method: Nonpolar 2-wireDC POWER LINE(FM0) or RS 485 communication 


VGS-SCU 210x210

Main Control unit

  • Can be connected Max 16 VGS-LCU Zone control units
  • Communication method: RS485(Multi-Drop)Local Control Unit, RS485(Multi-Drop)Entrance full direction board , TCP/IP - Parking Guide Server

Parking Guidance System


Amano Parking Guidance System allow you to monitor vacant parking space in real-time and provide all necessary parking information to drivers.

Customer/Operator Benefits:                                                                

  • Trouble free parking
  • Easy to follow signs and LED indicator lamp
  • Dramatically reduced parking space search time
  • Less stress and frustration
  • Faster turnaround of available spaces means increased revenue
  • Clear and simple parking management and control
  • Reduced customer complaint
  • Less supervision time