APB-1800 Barrier Gate

Amano Philippines proudly introduce automated car barrier gate.  The APB-1800 Series Barrier Gate is designed to control vehicles in both attended and unattended parking traffic lanes by means of a straight or folding aluminum gate arm. The microprocessor-based logic and functionality provides the ultimate in reliability, performance and safety, as well as the flexibility to accommodate customer applications.


  • Smart processor auto- detects open and close position for higher accuracy.
  • Arm will auto-reverse when hitting an obstacle during closing. 
  • Photo Beam can be added to auto-reverse the arm ahead of time before hitting an obstacle.
  • When vehicle hit barrier Arm , barrier will swing out to protect vehicle and barrier gate.  
  • Able to fully lift up a 3 meter arm in 1.2s. This allows smoother and more efficient traffic flow. 
  • AC based motor is stronger and maintenance free 
  • 2.5mm thickness housing provide durability

Swing Arm2
The Swing Out Barrier Arm Holder allows barrier arm will auto-fall out if hit by a vehicle to avoid breaking the arm and minimize damage to the vehicle.

Auto Revser

Barrier Arm will auto-reverse when hitting an obstacle during closing. Photo beam can be added to auto-reverse the arm ahead of time before hitting approaching vehicle or human.

Positioning Sensor2
Smart position sensor  auto- detects open and close position of barrier am with higher accuracy. Since we dose not use Limit Switch, there is no more mechanical wear and tear for monitoring barrier arm position. 

Double Spring2

AC based motor is stronger and maintenance-free (no need to change carbon). Compressed counterbalance spring avoids the possibility of spring over-stressed and breaks due to high volume continuous open/close cycle.

Strong Casing

The casing is made with 2.5 mm thick mild steel for EXTRA durability to support longer arm. The body is coated with epoxy paint for weatherproof protection.


In case of power failure, Manual release clutch is allowed you to unlock to manually open or close the arm without removing the cover or body housing. 



Particular Unit APB-1800 APB-1810 APB-1820
Power Supply Volt 220 220 220
Frequency Hz 60 60 60
Motor power consumption w 80 80 80
Opening and closing times Seconds 1.5 3 3
Maximum boom length Meter 3 4.5 4.5
Barrier arm type Telescopic straight barrier arm Telescopic straight barrier arm Folding arm
Housing dimension (W x H) mm 330*305*937 330*305*937 330*305*937
Weight kg 55 55 55