Camera-based Parking Guidance System 6IN1

Using image analysis and OCR recognition technology, AKC-OC Omnidirectional camera detects real-time vehicle potion and License number plate. Recognize a maximum of 6 parking lots with a camera.

AMANO AKC-OC Series camera-based intelligent-sensor system puts processing smart right at the parking-space. Each individual sensor has the ability to stream video to a video management system, while also sending various data for our integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) and occupancy monitoring.

By analyzing 6 parking lots at the same time with one 360˚ omnidirectional camera AKC-OC Series provides perfect security monitoring with eliminating blind spots and even right under the camera.

Recognition of a maximum of 6 lots  with 1 camera

How does it recognize 6 parking lots with a camera

Mobile and Kiosk Car Finder Application

Car Finder Application

Real-time monitoring

High-Security level monitoring

Monitering 210x210


Main Entrance LED Display
Indicate available Parking lots

Zone Guidance LED Display
Indicate available Parking lots

Real-time Monitoring and management work station

Omnidirectional directional monitoring