GT-8400K License Plate Recognition Terminal

GT-8400K is a License Plate Recognition Terminal is built with an LPR camera, an onboard license recognition processor and Stroble light.

  • License Plate Recognition recognizes the vehicle number by analyzing the images captured by the camera.
  • The Vehicle number recognition process can be carried out without a separate computer.
  • Receives a signal from a vehicle sensor and transmits a signal that can operate the strobe lighting device for constant illumination.
  • In case of changing the license plate in the future, it will be supported to maintain compatibility with the changed license plate during the defect period.


Recognition Specifications

Particular Description
Recognition rate : 98% or more (excluding front and rear defective license plates and special license plates)
Recognition target : passenger cars and trucks
Recognition content : Hangul and numbers on the license plate
License plate recognition speed : within 1 second
Shooting method : Trigger method
Communication method : LAN (TCP/IP)
Manegement PC : Intel i5-3437U 4GB RAM 64GB SSD Windows 10 Embedded

Camera Specifications

Particular Description
Shutter speed : 1/60 to 1/10000
Lighting device : IR LED light
Lighting angle : 20˚
Resolution : 1280 pixels horizontally 960 pixels vertically
Image pickup device : CMOS sensor
Recordable vehicle speed : within 30km/h
Communication method : Giga Ethernet