GT2300 Ticket Dispenser

GT2300 630x 500

GT-2300 Series Ticket Dispenser utilizes innovative technology and a barcode for expedited entry to parking facilities. The device offers clear user guidance through VFD display for ease of use even under sunlight. The Entry Terminal dispenses thermal barcode tickets and provides options for proximity access


  • Issue Barcode ticket with clear information such as entry date, Time and location.
  • Designed and sealed for maximum resistance to dust, rain, and other weather conditions.
  • Rapid entry delivers increased throughput
  • Credential tracking and redundancy support
  • Illuminated components for ease of use
  • VFD display – sunlight readable
  • TCP/IP network connectivity
  • Powder coat finish
  • Big Roll thermal paper ticket optional
  • Fan fold thermal paper ticket optional
  • Integrated RFID proximity reader optional
  • Integrated intercom voice support kits optional
  • Integrated IP camera optional

Clean and clear ticket

AMANO GT-2300 issue barcode ticket with thermal paper. The ticket is printed out time, date and location of the entrance. The customer can easily check all of the information. If compare with RFID recycle ticket and our barcode ticket, the RFID card is unable to check any information by the customer. Also, the RFID cards have been torn out and become unhygienic and dirty.

Parking entrance is your first point to communicate with your customer, you should welcome the customer with a clean and clear parking entry ticket and provide a good impression.

VFD display provide Sunlight Readable

We are unable to see the message under sunlight with most of the existing ticket dispenser machines in the field. AMANO GT-2300 has used the VFD Display. It allows the customer to clearly see displayed information under sunlight.

Max Resistance

Most of existing Ticket dispenser is not really to protect from rain and dust. Some of the customers wore raincoat for the ticket dispenser when it is raining. AMINO GT-2300 is professionally designed to use under the rain, it is designed and sealed for maximum resistance to dust, rain, and other weather conditions.

Credential tracking

In the case of system failure, the customer and operator still keep track of entry data with a hard copy of the bar code ticket. the hard copy of the ticket prevents cheating. AMANO GT-2300 provides credential tracking and redundancy support.

Rapid entry

AMANO GT-2300 is designed as user-friendly. VFD display always provides clear instruction to customers. Large green button with aluminum frame for issue ticket also gives an easy operation.  These customers oriented designed provide rapid entry delivers increased throughput.

Integrated RFID proximity reader

Optional Integrated RFID proximity reader is for monthly tenant customer. 

Integrated CCTV Camera

Through Optional Integrated IP CCTV Camera, car number plates can be automatically captured by cameras with standard video surveillance, this largely contributes to your carpark’s security.

Sample Ticket

Sample Ticket


LZ 500300 R3-1


Particular Unit GT-2300
Power Supply Volt 220
Frequency Hz 60
Dimension (W x H) mm 200*400*1250
Weight kg 48
Ticket Barcode Thermal Ticket
Display VFD Display
Option Big Roll thermal paper ticket
Fan fold thermal paper ticket
RFID Reader for tenant/contract user