Long-Range Vehicle Identification System

Long-Range RFID reader car parking management system enables drivers to open parking gates without opening the window or stopping the vehicle. The Amano Long Range RFID Parking Control System is a control and monitoring system designed for use at residential condominiums, gated communities, business parking garages, university parking areas, and hospitality or retail centers. The system is powered by four key components:

UHF Long Range Reader

uPASS-Reach-lr-front 210x210

The uPASS Reach is a UHF RFID reader for long-range vehicle identification. Based passive UHF technology (± 900 MHz), vehicles are identified up to 5 meters (16,4 feet). The uPASS Reach complies with the ISO18000-6C and EPC global Gen 2 directive.

  • automatic vehicle identification
  • read range up to 5 meters (16,4 feet)
  • operates with passive UHF cards (EPC Gen 2)
  • adjustable read range
  • supported communication interfaces: Wiegand, RS232 and RS422

Long-range UHF Windshield Tag

UHF Long Range Reader



The UHF Windshield Tag is a vehicle identification tag. It offers cost effective long-range identification for parking applications. Based on passive UHF technology (± 900 MHz), the UHF Windshield Tag is identified up to 10 meters (33 ft) with uPASS Target or 5 meters (16 ft) with uPASS Reach. The tag does not contain a battery and is maintenance free

Access Portal Access Control Software

access portal 210x210



The Access Portal management software suite brings a new level of simplicity to the operation of access control, whether you’re a small business or multi-site enterprise, or somewhere in between. We have the software for your needs. Access Portal is the ability to access real-time information, 24-hours a day, through a smart phone, tablet or computer – the choice is yours.


The APB-1800 Series Barrier Gate is designed to control vehicles in both attended and unattended parking traffic lanes by means of a straight or folding aluminum gate arm.


  • Able to fully lift up a 3 meter arm in 1.2s. This allows smoother and more efficient traffic flow.
  • Arm will auto-reverse when hitting an obstacle during closing.
  • When vehicle hit barrier Arm , barrier will swing out to protect vehicle and barrier gate.