Large Air Volume Intelligent Dust Collector



  • Intelligent Dust Collector with Auto Pulse Jet Type
  • Large Air Volume  from 200 to 300㎥/min
  • 15kW/18.5kW/22kW Package type dust collector
  • Differential pressure sensor (M Type)
  • Use-friendly message
  • Various combination of dust discharge  
  • Molded cartridge filter


Massage window

PiE75N-120N-150 Cntrol Panel

Massage window indicate operation status and inspection items such as filter differential pressure, air flow rate and maintenance time. 

Easy to maintain even large size duct collector

PIE 200 esay maintanace

PiE-300 BL type comes with maintenance stand. It is very easy to maintain even Large size duct collector.   

Easy to set necessary value of the air flow

Pie 200 puls jet image

It is easy to set necessary value of the air flow and target value of  differential pressure for plus jet auto dust removal. 

Internal Structure

PiE structure03   

Various combination

PiE 2-25-300 BO type

BO type
(open lower section type)

PiE-2-25-300 BS type

BS Type
(standard bucket type)
※Only PiE-75N and 120N


Pie 2-25-30 BL type

BL Type
(large bucket type)

PiE 2-25-300 Hopper type

F type
(hopper type)


Sample Installation

PiE 75N-120N-150 installation02 installation01 installation03 installation04

External View

Pie External Drawing


Particular Unit PiE-200 PiE-250 PiE-300
Power Supply Phase|Volt|Hz 3P|220|/60 3P|220|/60 3P|220|/60
Output kw 15 18.5 22
Airflow m³/min 160 200 240
Static Pressure kPa 2.3 2.2 2.4
Suction Port Ø mm 450 500 580
Dimension BL Type (W x D x H) mm 2080×1730×3188 2320×1730×3238 2320×2210×3696
Dimension F Type (W x D x H) mm 4032×1730×5033 4272×1730×5313 4772×2210×5338