Pneumatic Powder Conveyance Systems

Amano offers technologically advanced Pneumatic Powder Conveyance Systems designed to further develop production automation, conserve labor resources, and provide a safe, comfortable, and more productive work environment.

FPV 210x210


Compact package type Pneumatic Conveying System

  • Water washable  design  
  • Without any tool, easy to separate parts for daily cleaning maintenance
  • Can be disassembled without using any tools
  • There are two types of filters are available: polyester and resin

EV FV 210x210


EV-5L/10L Ejector Type

  • Suction force is generated by an ejector pump.
  • Pneumatic timer can be used to set the suction and discharge times.

FV-3 Blower Type

  • Higher energy efficiency of the blower results in lower running costs.
  • Durable brush-less motor requires no maintenance for extensive periods of time.


Washable & modular structure Space saving

  • Space saving
  • Low fracture high concentration transport
  • No power supply required

HSF 210x210


High Pressure Type Rotary Feeder

  • The particle supply section is simplified as compared to the system that uses blow pots. Because the conveyance speed is low, between 4 and 6 m/s, particle breakage rarely occurs. This is a continuous low-speed high-density conveyance system. In addition, the special helical rotor has a mechanism that prevents breakage.

HAF 210x210


Efficient High-Density Particle Conveyance

  • By using the static air pressure of the conveyed air, the "plug-shaped" powder is pushed along the pipe. The conveyance speed
    is ultra slow on the HAF system, and there is hardly any break-age. This system is best suited to low-breakage, long-distance,
    large capacity conveyance.

LAF 210x210


The Most Basic Positive Pressure Conveyance

  • By using the dynamic pressure of the conveyance air, the particles are flown through the conveyance pipe at relatively low densities. The conveyance speed is much greater than that of the high-pressure conveyance system at a typical speed of 20 to 30 m/s.

VAF 210x210


System Suited to Collective Conveyance from Multiple Locations

  • By sucking both particles and air, the particles are conveyed by the air flow resulting from sub-atmospheric pressure. By using dynamic pressure of the conveyance air, the particles are lifted and transported. The conveyance air speed is typically 20 to 30 m/s. Vacuum conveyance produces cooling and drying effects on the conveyed items, and is best suited in conveying particles from narrow and deep locations.

test plant 210x210

Test Plant for Pneumatic Powder Conveyance

In order to meet the diversified Pneumatic Powder Conveyance Systems needs,we have set up necessary equipment and devices that allow highly sophisticated data to be collected efficiently.

  • For pneumatic conveyance, a conveyance distance of 39 m to 184 m can be tested using at this facility. Various conveyance tests such as high pressure conveyance, low-pressure conveyance, and vacuum conveyance are performed. Performing handling tests under various conditions helps in the design of the best-suited system for particle.