Z1-F Walk behind auto scrubber

Amano Philippines floor scrubber is a floor cleaning machine that are used to scrub floors, clean off light debris, grease, floor marks and oils. it clean large floor area by injecting water with cleaning solution, scrubbing and vacuuming up the residuals off the floor. This auto scrubber has a separate tank the dispensing(solution) and collecting(recovery) to keep your clean water from your dirty water.

Realizes water & energy conserving by pursuing
improvement of the water retention. Doesn't need
refilling water more than 2hours!

Easy Operation
Compact body makes you to recognize the front or
wall easily. More startable & More flexible move.

New Design
Safety, Easy Operation and ECO. Sophisticated
design reflecting what we've pursued!

To support your safety, nipped as much "danger"
as possible in the bud. The performance of
collecting waste water is improved!

What is an Auto Scrubber?

Auto scrubbers are janitorial cleaning equipment that removes the manual labor from scrubbing a floor, providing quicker dry times and a more hygienic clean. The machines are equipped with automated systems to scrub and dry your facility’s floor in one pass.

Where do you use it?

It can be used for ceramic floors, stone floors, P tile floors, long sheet floors, concrete floors, painted floors, etc. In the Philippines, it is mainly used in factories.

How do you clean it?

Very easy to use!

1) Solution Dispensing

2) Scrubbing floor

3) Vacuum dirty water

3 steps done by one pass

Key functions

How does it work?

Improvement of cleaning ability


Wide view makes the operation safe

Wide view, less blind spot 420

Oil resistant design, improved durability and safety

Oil R2

Sample operations

Z1- Sample

Product Video (Japanese)

Various Pads and Brushes are available


Model Z-1F
Cleaning width 432 mm
Squeegee widgth 780mm
Cleaning capacity up to 860 m 2 /h (2km/h)
Water tank capacity 33 L
Waste water tank capacity 33 L
Brush/pad diameter 432 mm (17inch)
Brush/pad rotation speed 120 min -1
Drive System Manual
Batteries DC12V 65Ah X2
Operating time Approx. 2 hours
Brush motor 400 W
Blower motor 380 W
Dimensions 493 X 1126 X 923 mm
Weight 120 kg
Ambient temperature 0 - 40 0 ℃