EM-eII Series

The EM Series of electronic mist collectors is the most innovative and technologically advanced series of mist collectors.

Primarily used for oil mist collection, this electrostatic method is over 99% efficient in trapping electronically charged mist particles. By utilizing tungsten electrode technology, the EM series showcases superb durability.

This, along with the elimination of filters and the clogging associated with them, not only provides a reduction in maintenance and operational costs, but keeps this design environmentally friendly as well.



  • Electronic trapping method keeps filter costs at zero
  • Zero Filter waste and No Filter To Clog
  • High efficiency greater than 99%
  • Small-capacity models
  • For oli/water soluble mist collection

Breakthrough Electronic Trapping Method

Air containing mist particles passes through the charging section having the corona effect, and those mist particles become positively charged. When this charged mist flows into the final stages of the mist collector, it is electrostatically attracted to the mist collector plate (ground electrode) where it is collected and trapped.

No Clogged Filter

Unlike the old filter method, there is absolutely no drop in air flow due to clogging so air flow is always stable during operation.

Em kee suction power


Difference Pure Oil mist and Water soluble oil mist

“OIL MIST” characteristic depends on cutting fluid type (Water-based or Straight Oil). Oil mits is cutting fluid "vaporized" by heat. Water-soluble oil mist is which the cutting tools is physically "sheared" by the blade. Therefore, water-based the mist particle is bigger 2-10μm, while for straight oil the mist particle is smaller 2μm and below. The particle size difference between water-based and straight oil is more than 10times. And also the mist concentration is  more than 10times. If you are using straight oil as cutting fluid, EM Series is the best choice.


Internal Structure


Smaple EM-8eII


EM 8eiiszie

Particular Unit EM-8eII EM-15eII EM-30eII
Power Supply Volt 220 220 220
Frequency Hz 50/60 50/60 50/60
Phase 1-phase 3-phase 3-phase
Output kw/hp 0.4/0.5 0.75/1.0 1.5/2.0 2.2/3.0
Airflow (50/60Hz) m³/min 3.7/4.5 7.0/8.5 13.0/16.0 18.0/22.0
Static Pressure(50/60Hz) kPa 1.0/1.5 1.0/1.5 1.0/1.5 1.0/1.5
Suction Port Ø mm 98 123 148 198
Size(W x H) mm 429 x 453 476 x 507 576 x 589 632 x 662
Weight kg 38 42 60 72