EM-SCII Lt Series

The EM-SCII Lt Series of electronic mist collectors is the most innovative and technologically advanced series of mist collectors and comes with Semi-auto self cleaning system.

Primarily used for oil mist collection, this electrostatic method is over 99% efficient in trapping electronically charged mist particles. By utilizing tungsten electrode technology, the EM series showcases superb durability.

This, along with the elimination of filters and the clogging associated with them, not only provides a reduction in maintenance and operational costs, but keeps this design environmentally friendly as well.



Oil mist / Water soluble mist

Max. airflow

Premium efficiency motor


  • Clean electrodes without washing by water or detergent.
  • Equipped with semi auto self-cleaning function.
  • Top of the line in electric collection -mist collectors.

Automatic Self-Cleaning function

New mechanism without needing water, shower, detergent, and centrifugal force. Mist collection and electrode cleaning are done simultaneously and continuously.

EM-SCII Lt Series: Automatic Self-Cleaning Collecting Electrode


Long-lasting the Collection Performance and suction Power

Self Cleaning Function keeps Electric filter clean and keep high mist collection performance and suction power.

em-sc ph04

Improved charging electrode

Since the mist is charged after passing through the ground plate, the amount of mist adhering to the ground plate on the upstream side can be reduced. Since the mist passes through the red part to be discharged and is charged reliably, the passing speed can be set fast and the adhesion of dirt on the load electrode is further reduced.

Internal Structure

External View

Sample EM-15SCII Lt (Unit:mm)


Particular Unit EM-15SCIILt EM-30SCIILt
Power Supply Volt 220 220
Frequency Hz 60 60
Phase 3P 3P
Output kw/hp 0.75/1.0 1.5/2
Max Airflow m³/min 15.0 30.0
Max. Static Pressure kPa 0.5 0.5
Suction Port Ø mm 200.0 250
Dimension (W x H) mm 500x1234x620 835x1334x620
Weight kg 83 128