V-SDR Series


Dust-explosion pressure diffusion types for highly explosive dust

  • The dust-explosion proof type motor and the anti-electrostatic filter are all designed to have less risk of dust explosion.
  • The check valve and the explosion diffusion port are all designed for peripheral safety against possible dust explosion inside the unit.

Anti-electrostatic molded filter

Manual shaking type

Inflammable powder/dust that might explode

Max. airflow

Anti-electrostatic filter

V-SDR Anti-electrostatic filter

Material: Polyester
Surface treatment: Stainless evaporation
Corresponding models: V-SDR Series
Application: Electrostatic characteristic dust


  • Specifications give high charge prevention effect and make cause of dust explosions unlikely to occur.
  • Collecting efficiency: Good, Particle diameter about 10μm
  • Heat resistant temperature (F): normal temperature 40˚C (104˚)
  • Dust removal: Manual

V-SDR KST mark

Handles Kst value  200(3SDR)・160 (7SDR)

Possible explosive dust and particles:

・Aluminum ・Aluminum alloy ・Titanium
・Corn starch ・Epoxy resin ・Pulverized coal

Please consult AMANO for dust-explosion test.
Do not collect magnesium or magnesium alloy particles.

Particular Unit V-3SDR V-7SDR
Power Supply Volt 220 220
Frequency Hz 60 60
Phase 3-phase 3-phase
Output kW 2.2 5.5
Airflow m³/min 2.4 2.7
Static Pressure kPa 10.9 19.7
Suction Port Ø mm 38.1 38.1
Dimension (W x D x H) mm 496×1089×1052 621×1397×1194
Weight kg 141 250