EM-eH Series

The EM-eH Series of electronic mist collectors is the most innovative and technologically advanced series of mist collectors. It's design for collecting dust contains mist and high concentration mist. Best Mist Collector for Die-Casting Machine.  Equipped with a high static pressure fan, it supports space-saving design, fire safety design, dust, mist oil-based and water-soluble mist.



Max. airflow

Premium efficiency motor


EM-eH Series


  • Ideal for Die Casting Machine.
  • Good for Centralize Mist Collector
  • Turbofan gives extra power for airflow and static pressure.
  • With built-in fire protection damper.
  • Keeps initial suction power for long time and Zero filter waste and no filters to clog

Durable titanium needles

Highly durable titanium needles are used for the load electrodes that exhibit high collection performance. Furthermore, the maintenance cycle is greatly extended due to the electric field curtain effect (patented) that prevents the insulator from becoming dirty. Significantly reduces maintenance man-hours.

Powerful collection of mist by electrostatic precipitator

Powerfully collects oil mist generated from mold release agents and plunger vacuum pumps.

Fire protection damper

Fire protection damper is standard equipment for fire safety

Sample Installation

em-eh inst 1

em-eh die casing inst


em-eh inst 2

Internal Structure

External View

em-eh extranal view 2


Particular Unit EM-60eH EM-90eH
Power Supply Volt 220 220
Frequency Hz 60 60
Phase 3P 3P
Output kw/hp 3.7/5.0 5.5/7.3
Max Airflow m³/min 60.0 90.0
Max. Static Pressure kPa 2.23 2.76
Suction Port Ø mm 290 350
Dimension (WxDxH) mm 905x958x2221 905x1303x2266
Weight kg 375 550